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  • Presidential candidates need reconciliation to create peace

    Sat, July 19 2014 00:41

    Amid heated political conditions after the July 9 polls, the two rival presidential candidates, Prabowo Subianto and Joko Widodo, need to meet to calm down the situation..

  • Tight security measures in place for election result announcement

    Thu, July 17 2014 23:47

    Indonesia had organized its third direct and democratic presidential election peacefully on July 9, 2014, participated enthusiastically by most of over 190 million eligible voters of the country having a population of about 250 million..

  • Smuggling at RI-PNG border must be stopped

    Thu, July 17 2014 17:30

    Jakarta (ANTARA News - Stringent measures need to be adopted to stop smuggling activities involving drugs and other items in the border areas between the Indonesian easternmost province of Papua and Papua New Guinea (PNG). Most of the border areas are reportedly vulnerable to international ....

  • People Await Realization of Maritime `Toll Road`

    Tue, July 15 2014 09:06

    The people, particularly businesspeople, are awaiting the realization of a maritime supercorridor transportation system that will link thousands of Indonesian islands from the eastern to the Western regions, cutting freight costs up to 50 percent..

  • Indonesians collect donations to provide aid to Gaza residents

    Mon, July 14 2014 14:38

    Indonesia, a staunch supporter of Palestinians in their struggle for independence, has been prompt in demonstrating its moral and financial support for Gaza residents, who are currently facing incessant air strikes launched by Israel..

  • Govt ready to serve millions of `lebaran` travelers

    Sat, July 12 2014 21:35

    The government is prepared to provide services for some 24 million people seeking to return to their home towns (mudik) to celebrate Lebaran, or the Islamic post-fasting holidays, at the end of this month..

  • Calls for earnest prayers for Palestine

    Sat, July 12 2014 19:58

    Indonesian Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) have called on the religious community in the country to pray for Palestine..

  • Morocco, Indonesia to promote tourism sector

    Sat, July 12 2014 00:48

    Efforts to strengthen commitment to developing cooperation between Morocco and Indonesia are not limited merely to trade but involve also bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism, Ambassador of Morocco to Indonesia Mohamed Majdi said..

  • Prabowo To Trust KPU On Election Results

    Fri, July 11 2014 13:35

    Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto said he will rely on the General Elections Commissions (KPU) vote count results more than the quick count results by survey institutions regarding presidential polls on Wednesday (July 9)..

  • Indonesia Condemns Israel for Killing Innocents in Palestine

    Fri, July 11 2014 13:11

    The Indonesian government and public have condemned Israel for killing many innocent Palestinian people including children in the military attacks on Gaza over the past few days..

Police to question Jokowi about Obor Rakyat`s case

Police to question Jokowi about Obor Rakyat`s caseThe police will question President-elect Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as a witness in the defamation case against Obor Rakyat ...

Indonesian Red Cross donates Rp1 billion for Gaza

Indonesian Red Cross donates Rp1 billion for GazaThe Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has donated Rp1 billion to aid victims of Israeli military aggression in Gaza, ...

Jakarta index closes higher, rupiah down

Jakarta index closes higher, rupiah downThe Jakarta composite index (JCI) extend again on Thursday with investors buying more than selling shares, analysts ...

Indonesian players win two titles at taiwan open

Indonesian players win two titles at taiwan openIndonesian womens and mens double players won champion titles at Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix Gold 2014.

Popular Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-semitic Gaza tweets

Popular Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-semitic Gaza tweetsA popular Turkish female pop singer was under pressure Friday to make a public apology after she posted a succession ...