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  • Century bank case again creates debate

    Sat, December 7 2013 19:14

    The Century Bank case has again created debate in Indonesia after a team of lawmakers, charged with monitoring the settlement of the case, recently decided to summon vice president Boediono..

  • Just a matter of time before Indonesian Policewomen wear hijabs

    Sat, December 7 2013 13:11

    The debate surrounding the introduction of headscarves for policewomen in Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country, continues to rage on, with authorities denying accusations of a slow response to the issue..

  • Nuclear technology to achieve self sufficiency in soybean

    Thu, December 5 2013 22:12

    The mention of nuclear will tend to conjure up a vision of great disaster despite attempts by scientists to convince the public that nuclear is not something that is awesome..

  • Health Ministry aborts controversial campaign on condom use

    Thu, December 5 2013 14:20

    The health ministers policy on the use of condoms, yet again, triggered controversy and opposition, particularly from Muslim leaders in this country, which has a Muslim-majority population..

  • Construction of Sunda Strait bridge urgent

    Sun, December 1 2013 10:32

    The idea of building a bridge spanning the sea between Java and Sumatra has for decades remained in the pipeline..

  • Public called on to remain calm over rupiah depreciation

    Sat, November 30 2013 13:29

    The public has been called upon to remain calm following downward fluctuations of the rupiah, which has been depreciating against the US dollar, falling from Rp11,335 earlier this month to Rp12,017 on Friday morning..

  • Indonesia to ban mineral ore exports

    Thu, November 28 2013 20:34

    Indonesia plans to ban exports of raw minerals early next year and develop smelters of its own to increase the production of higher-value products from its minerals and metals industry..

  • More botanical gardens are needed to reduce carbon emissions

    Wed, November 27 2013 15:49

    Indonesia only has a few botanical gardens, but they are expected to contribute to a great extent towards conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions..

  • Indonesia invests in tree planting program for future generation

    Wed, November 27 2013 14:16

    To mark the Indonesias Tree Planting Day and National Planting Month 2013, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono planted a Kalpataru tree (Hura crepitan) in Datah village of Karangasem district in the Bali Province on Monday..

  • Election Body Working To End Voters' List Problem

    Fri, November 22 2013 21:28

    In making preparations for general elections, the registration process is one of the most difficult tasks, as data entry of eligible voters must be conducted transparently and accurately..

JIS cooperates with FBI to trace sexual abuse

JIS cooperates with FBI to trace sexual abuseThe Jakarta International School (JIS) stated that it will cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) in ...

S. Korean prosecutors raid office of sunken ferry operator

S. Korean prosecutors raid office of sunken ferry operatorSouth Korean prosecutors on Wednesday raided the office of the sunken ferry operator, the owners house and related ...

President opens Inacraft 2014

President opens Inacraft 2014President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in the company of First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, opened the 16th Jakarta International ...

International football legends to visit Indonesia in May

International football legends to visit Indonesia in MayInternational football legends will visit Indonesia to play against Indonesian football players in an exhibition game ...

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to love

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to loveSouth Korean girl group 2NE1 has been chosen by U.S. media website BuzzFeed as one of "11 girl groups from around the ...