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  • Sinabung`s deadly clouds claim 15 lives in a single day

    Mon, February 3 2014 21:44

    Over 30 thousand people across 34 villages have been displaced since last September 2013, as a result of the sporadic eruptions arising from the 2,600-m Mount Sinabung located in the Karo District, North Sumatra Province..

  • Jakarta Looks At 1001 Ways To Prevent Flooding

    Thu, January 30 2014 09:51

    Indonesias capital city, Jakarta, with a population of around 10 million, has suffered the brunt of annual flooding for the past several years, and the condition only tends to get worse with each passing year..

  • Legal Process of Surabaya "Death" Zoo Case Begins

    Wed, January 29 2014 17:06

    The Surabaya Zoo tragedy has dragged on too long, making the zoo notorious internationally for its cruelty. The zoo has been labeled as the "zoo of death" after thousands of animals perished over the past few years..

  • Indonesia Ready to Play Active Role in Syrian Peace Process

    Mon, January 27 2014 11:53

    Since the beginning of armed conflict in Syria, Indonesia has been calling for a compromise and negotiations between the conflicting parties, arguing that the use of force will only bring sufferings to the people..

  • Indonesia joins global road safety movement to reduce traffic accidents

    Mon, January 27 2014 01:27

    Driving in Jakarta is very challenging, if not very scary, for some people as the capital citys roads are mostly packed with motorcycles during peak hours..

  • Indonesian govt still taking stock of flood-affected rice fields

    Sun, January 26 2014 14:38

    The current floods that have displaced many residents or forced them to evacuate in different parts of Indonesia, have also caused considerable damage to the countrys rice fields..

  • Damaged roads after floods hamper food distribution

    Sun, January 26 2014 13:11

    The recent flash floods in a number of areas in Indonesia particularly in Jakarta that damaged several roads have hampered transportation, especially disrupted the distribution of raw materials to industrial centers..

  • Japanese Cuisine in Indonesia Focuses on Taste, Menus Food Safety

    Sat, January 25 2014 15:47

    Japanese companies are more active in promoting their native foods in the Indonesian market due to increasing interest in Japanese foods and the desire by the Indonesian public for high quality foods..

  • Jember district to enjoy new airport

    Tue, January 21 2014 22:21

    The Jember district, located in the eastern part of East Java, is in desperate need of better air transport facilities in order to boost tourism in the region..

  • Will Pertamina benefit from its acquisition of PGN?

    Tue, January 21 2014 13:24

    State-owned oil and gas company Pertaminas plan to acquire state gas distributor firm PGN is under government evaluation, though it was earlier reported that the government has agreed to it..

Bad weather hampers rescue of sinking boat in Papua

Bad weather hampers rescue of sinking boat in PapuaBad weather in Yapen waters hampered the rescue effort of a sinking boat that carried 30 people in the area of Pasorae ...

S. Korean prosecutors raid office of sunken ferry operator

S. Korean prosecutors raid office of sunken ferry operatorSouth Korean prosecutors on Wednesday raided the office of the sunken ferry operator, the owners house and related ...

President opens Inacraft 2014

President opens Inacraft 2014President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in the company of First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, opened the 16th Jakarta International ...

International football legends to visit Indonesia in May

International football legends to visit Indonesia in MayInternational football legends will visit Indonesia to play against Indonesian football players in an exhibition game ...

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to love

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to loveSouth Korean girl group 2NE1 has been chosen by U.S. media website BuzzFeed as one of "11 girl groups from around the ...