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  • Vote buying still mars legislative elections

    Wed, April 9 2014 17:25

    Vote buying still mars the countrys legislative elections on Wednesday despite threat of criminalization of such practice..

  • Distribution of election supplies in Papua challenging

    Wed, April 9 2014 00:33

    Some 185.8 million out of Indonesias population of about 240 million will go to polling stations to cast their votes for the legislative elections across Indonesia on April 9, 2014..

  • Satinah finally escapes beheading in saudi arabia

    Fri, April 4 2014 20:26

    Convicted Indonesian migrant worker Satinah, facing beheading for murder in Saudi Arabia, was finally freed from the death penalty after the Indonesian government and the victims family agreed upon a 7 million Riyal diyat payment..

  • Garuda Indonesia sets ambitious target in 2014

    Thu, April 3 2014 22:46

    Having a population of around 245 million people and comprising about 1,300 islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia was a very promising market for the airline industry..

  • Beware of money politics

    Wed, April 2 2014 17:04

    It is not unusual to hear about allegations of money politics to influence the voters, during elections, to favor the givers..

  • Visually impaired demand rights to vote by secret ballot

    Wed, March 26 2014 14:02

    Within the next 15 days, Indonesian people will cast their votes in the legislative elections, but those with visual impairment have considered the upcoming elections discriminative towards them..

  • Constitutional Court ready to tackle election disputes

    Tue, March 25 2014 21:05

    Indonesias Constitutional Court was ready to deal with possible disputes that could emerge from the upcoming legislative elections on April 9..

  • Traditional markets target of political parties

    Tue, March 25 2014 18:40

    Considered a more effective place for the 2014 legislative election campaigns, traditional markets have become the target of political parties to win the hearts of people..

  • UN right chief hits Israel over settlements

    Tue, March 25 2014 10:40

    The building of Israeli settlements and attacks by settlers on Palestinians are a major source of much abuse of rights in the occupied territories, the United Nations top human rights official said on Monday (March 24)..

  • Women`s quality, not quantity, needed in parliament

    Tue, March 25 2014 10:32

    Political parties should nominate qualified woman legislative candidates so that they can work and represent the interests of their constituencies in the parliament..

Police to question Jokowi about Obor Rakyat`s case

Police to question Jokowi about Obor Rakyat`s caseThe police will question President-elect Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as a witness in the defamation case against Obor Rakyat ...

Indonesian Red Cross donates Rp1 billion for Gaza

Indonesian Red Cross donates Rp1 billion for GazaThe Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has donated Rp1 billion to aid victims of Israeli military aggression in Gaza, ...

Jakarta index closes higher, rupiah down

Jakarta index closes higher, rupiah downThe Jakarta composite index (JCI) extend again on Thursday with investors buying more than selling shares, analysts ...

Indonesian players win two titles at taiwan open

Indonesian players win two titles at taiwan openIndonesian womens and mens double players won champion titles at Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix Gold 2014.

Popular Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-semitic Gaza tweets

Popular Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-semitic Gaza tweetsA popular Turkish female pop singer was under pressure Friday to make a public apology after she posted a succession ...