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  • Jakarta flood problem cannot be resolved overnight

    Tue, January 14 2014 17:19

    The floods, which repeatedly strike Jakarta and its neighboring areas with sickening regularity almost every year, is an indicator of the fact that the problem cannot be resolved overnight..

  • Govt urged to sternly deal with Australia`s boat turn-back policy

    Fri, January 10 2014 08:14

    Indonesia is observing a moratorium on cooperating with Australia on people-smuggling following a spying scandal revealed by the whistle-blower Edward Snowden and reported by the Australian media last year..

  • In political year, even LPG price hike stirs political uproar

    Wed, January 8 2014 20:39

    As Indonesia gears up for the 2014 legislative and presidential elections, any important policy changes, including the price hike of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), can trigger a political uproar involving ruling and opposition parties..

  • Manado-Bitung toll road construction cannot be postponed by otniel tamindael - (d)

    Tue, January 7 2014 16:59

    The construction of Manado-Bitung toll road in North Sulawesi province cannot be postponed because it is closely related to the interests of the local people and development..

  • "Hello Kemkes" ready to serve potential clients of BJPS

    Tue, January 7 2014 16:09

    "This is Hello Kemkes, Im Firman, can I help you?", a customer service officer of "Hello Kemkes" greeted Titik, who had called for information on the membership requirements for the National Health Insurance (JKN) scheme..

  • Is Pertamina monopolizing the 12-kg LPG cylinder business?

    Mon, January 6 2014 21:43

    The state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina was not monopolizing the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) business, stated the former secretary of state enterprises ministry Said Didu, on Monday, while contradicting claims from other quarters..

  • Historical year for Indonesia`s forest protection

    Wed, January 1 2014 00:02

    During the past one year, the Indonesian government has made several historic policies and breakthroughs for the preservation of its forest, the worlds third largest after the Amazon in Brazil and Congos forest, if they are implemented properly..

  • EU-ASEAN Ties: Supporting, Sharing and Inspiring

    Tue, December 31 2013 14:23

    The European Union (EU) and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) have been working closely to strengthen the ASEAN-EU Partnership and to support ASEANs goal of building ASEAN Community by 2015 and beyond..

  • Cruelty reports draws worldwide attention to Surabaya Zoo

    Sat, December 28 2013 22:07

    The Surabaya Zoo in East Java, once the pride of Southeast Asia, has received worldwide attention after the deaths of a number of animals over the past several years..

  • Trendy head scarfs mushrooming among Indonesian women

    Sat, December 28 2013 21:33

    A woman walks out of a fashion store in a mall in Jakarta. She holds a large paper bag, possibly containing clothes or accessories she bought at the store..

Prabowo to develop greater Indonesia coalition

Prabowo to develop greater Indonesia coalitionGreat Indonesian Movement Party chief patron Prabowo Subianto indicated he will develop the Greater Indonesia ...

Australian captain loses command after Indonesia incursion

Australian captain loses command after Indonesia incursionAn Australian naval captain has been relieved of his command after his vessel was involved in an incursion into ...

Australia to assist livestock development in Indonesia

Australia to assist livestock development in IndonesiaAustralia will likely provide Au$60 million or about Rp640 billion to assist in the development of the livestock ...

International football legends to visit Indonesia in May

International football legends to visit Indonesia in MayInternational football legends will visit Indonesia to play against Indonesian football players in an exhibition game ...

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to love

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to loveSouth Korean girl group 2NE1 has been chosen by U.S. media website BuzzFeed as one of "11 girl groups from around the ...