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  • 2014 to be a politically crucial year for Indonesia

    Mon, December 16 2013 13:28

    The year 2013 will soon end and 2014, which is around the corner, is expected to be a crucial year for Indonesia as two important events are slated to take place in the country during that year..

  • With a hole in its heart, south africa buries mandela - (d)

    Sun, December 15 2013 14:07

    South Africa buries Nelson Mandela on Sunday, closing one momentous chapter in its tortured history and opening another in which the multi-racial democracy he founded will have to discover if it can thrive without its central pillar..

  • Indonesia promotes and enhances interfaith dialogues

    Sat, December 14 2013 18:46

    University of California-Berkeley has been an important center for Indonesian Studies and the home to respected scholars in the field. Prominent graduates from Indonesia include Ali Wardhana, Dorodjatun Kunjoro-Jakti, Widjojo Nitisastro and Johannes Sumarlin..

  • Indonesia needs 30 years to become advanced nation

    Sat, December 14 2013 15:13

    Having been classified as a middle-income country since the early 1990s, Indonesia needs about 30 years to come out of what is called the middle-income trap and move into the high-income group of countries..

  • Eradicating Corruption in Indonesia is Easier Said Than Done

    Thu, December 12 2013 18:34

    International Anti-Corruption Day, which is observed on December 9, was commemorated almost across Indonesia by student rallies, speeches by political representatives, including the president, and seminars..

  • Profile - Indonesia's Police Investigations Unit To Be Invigorated By Alius' Appointment

    Wed, December 11 2013 07:27

    When National Police Chief General Sutarman announced his decision to appoint Suhardi Alius as the Head of the Crime Investigations Department (Bareskrim), the Presidium Chairman of Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) Neta S Pane expressed his appreciation for the move..

  • Indonesia committed to WTO success

    Mon, December 9 2013 22:33

    Indonesia is seeking to contribute to the world by maintaining memberships of the World Trade Organization and consistently supports trade liberalization..

  • Century bank case again creates debate

    Sat, December 7 2013 19:14

    The Century Bank case has again created debate in Indonesia after a team of lawmakers, charged with monitoring the settlement of the case, recently decided to summon vice president Boediono..

  • Just a matter of time before Indonesian Policewomen wear hijabs

    Sat, December 7 2013 13:11

    The debate surrounding the introduction of headscarves for policewomen in Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country, continues to rage on, with authorities denying accusations of a slow response to the issue..

  • Nuclear technology to achieve self sufficiency in soybean

    Thu, December 5 2013 22:12

    The mention of nuclear will tend to conjure up a vision of great disaster despite attempts by scientists to convince the public that nuclear is not something that is awesome..

Indonesia health minister visits Timika to monitor leprosy

Indonesia health minister visits Timika to monitor leprosyIndonesian Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi visits Timika, Papua to monitor the spread of leprosy in Mumugu village, Asmat ...

Mortar fire on Syria schools kills child, hurts 40: Media

Mortar fire on Syria schools kills child, hurts 40: MediaMortar rounds fired on schools in the Syrian capital on Tuesday killed a child and wounded more than 40 people, among ...

Jakarta index closes slightly higher

Jakarta index closes slightly higherThe Jakarta composite index (JCI) closed slightly higher on Wednesday on continued inflows of foreign fund to the ...

Thomas Cup and Uber Cup teams quarantined in Kudus

Thomas Cup and Uber Cup teams quarantined in KudusIndonesia has put its badminton teams scheduled to participate in the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup championships in India, ...

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to love

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to loveSouth Korean girl group 2NE1 has been chosen by U.S. media website BuzzFeed as one of "11 girl groups from around the ...