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  • KPU continues plenary meeting without Prabowo`s witnesses

    Tue, July 22 2014 17:37

    The General Elections Commission (KPU) continued its open plenary meeting on ballot recapitulation of the presidential election here on Tuesday despite the absence of presidential candidate Prabowo Subiantos witnesses..

  • Mahfud: I no longer represent Prabowo-Hatta

    Tue, July 22 2014 17:36

    Chief of campaign team for presidential candidate pair Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Hatta Radjasa, Mahfud MD, said he no longer represented the duo..

  • Prabowo Subianto rejects presidential election 2014

    Tue, July 22 2014 17:35

    The presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto voiced disapproval to the implementation of the 2014 presidential election and withdrew from the ongoing process where the General Elections Commission (KPU) was holding the national recap meeting on Tuesday..

  • TNI to deploy special force in case of nonconducive situation

    Tue, July 22 2014 17:21

    Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander General Moeldoko affirmed that special force will be deployed if nonconducive situation occurred during the announcement of results of presidential election 2014 by General Elections Committee (KPU)..

  • Army chief denies having likened president as sinking ship

    Tue, July 22 2014 17:13

    Army Chief General Budiman denied having said that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonos government was now like a sinking ship that deserves to be abandoned..

  • Army chief of staff wishes to become school supervisor

    Tue, July 22 2014 17:10

    Army Chief of Staff General Budiman who is to be replaced ahead of his retirement in September this year said here on Tuesday that he hoped to become a school supervisor later..

  • President Yudhoyono closely observes security situation on Tuesday

    Tue, July 22 2014 16:54

    President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono closely observes the security situation in Indonesia on Tuesday as the General Election Commission (KPU) plans to announce the winner of 2014 presidential election today..

  • Prabowo-Hatta`s witnesses walk out of election commission`s plenary meeting

    Tue, July 22 2014 16:46

    A witness team of the Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa pair walked out of a plenary meeting on ballot recapitulation at the General Elections Commission (KPU), here on Tuesday, following Prabowos announcement of denouncing the election results..

  • Prabowo : election commission fails to implement fair election

    Tue, July 22 2014 16:23

    Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto during a press conference on Tuesday said he rejected the results of the presidential election to be announced by the General Election Commission (KPU) because KPU has failed to be fair executor of the election..

  • Indonesia demands trial of party responsible for MH17 tragedy

    Tue, July 22 2014 16:14

    Indonesia demands trial of the party responsible for the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight downed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday (July 17), Indonesias Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Ambassador Desra Percaya stated..

Indonesian Red Cross donates Rp1 billion for Gaza

Indonesian Red Cross donates Rp1 billion for GazaThe Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has donated Rp1 billion to aid victims of Israeli military aggression in Gaza, ...

Transaction in Priok seaport should be in rupiah

Transaction in Priok seaport should be in rupiahCoordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Chairul Tanjung has reminded all parties that every transaction in Jakartas ...

Indonesian players win two titles at taiwan open

Indonesian players win two titles at taiwan openIndonesian womens and mens double players won champion titles at Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix Gold 2014.

Popular Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-semitic Gaza tweets

Popular Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-semitic Gaza tweetsA popular Turkish female pop singer was under pressure Friday to make a public apology after she posted a succession ...

Researchers from 24 countries to participate in ISPrO science competition

Researchers from 24 countries to participate in ISPrO science competitionParticipants from 24 countries will take part in the 2nd edition of the International Science Project Olympiad ...