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  • Papua merchants close Skouw border market

    Thu, April 17 2014 20:20

    Several merchants in Skouw border market in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea borderline are still closing their shanties due to fear after the shooting incident that occurred on Wednesday (April 16) and Thursday..

  • Indonesia to address protection steps on irregular movement of persons

    Thu, April 17 2014 20:08

    Indonesia will address protection steps on the irregular movement of persons during an international workshop that is to be held in Jakarta on April 21-22..

  • Indonesian child protection commission urges heavier punishment against child abusers

    Thu, April 17 2014 20:04

    Indonesias National Commission for the Protection of Children (Komnas PA) had urged the authorities to impose heavier punishment against child abusers, particularly those involved in sexual assault..

  • Thousands of policemen ensure security in Jakarta during easter

    Thu, April 17 2014 19:42

    The Jakarta Metropolitan Police will deploy 10,000 police officers to ensure security on Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the capital city, an official said..

  • All parties have roles in elections: president

    Thu, April 17 2014 18:17

    President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudoyono said all components of the nation played roles and had the responsibility to make the upcoming July 9 presidential election a success..

  • PDIP to announce VP candidate after official count

    Thu, April 17 2014 17:57

    The Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle (PDIP) will announce its vice presidential candidate only after the official count of votes from the recent legislative elections is known, a party figure stated..

  • JIS security system must be audited: Minister

    Wed, April 16 2014 23:33

    Coordinating Minister for Peoples Welfare Agung Laksono said the security system of the Jakarta International School (JIS) needed to be audited following A sexual violence against a six year kindergarten pupil at the school..

  • Education ministry assures no politicization in education

    Wed, April 16 2014 23:29

    No politicization has occurred in the field of education following the inclusion of Jokowi and PKS in the national senior high school exam papers, confirmed the Ministry of Education..

  • Boyolali claims leptospirosis outbreak

    Wed, April 16 2014 23:24

    The Boyolali district, Central Java, said there was a leptospirosis outbreak following the death of five residents from the deadly disease in the area. "We consider there was an outbreak of the leptospirosis disease, because the disease had caused the death of five infected people ....

  • Indonesia to improve air defense in Papua

    Wed, April 16 2014 23:14

    The Indonesian Air Force will improve air defense in Papua territory to avoid foreign infiltration through the airspace..

S. Korean prosecutors raid office of sunken ferry operator

S. Korean prosecutors raid office of sunken ferry operatorSouth Korean prosecutors on Wednesday raided the office of the sunken ferry operator, the owners house and related ...

President opens Inacraft 2014

President opens Inacraft 2014President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in the company of First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, opened the 16th Jakarta International ...

International football legends to visit Indonesia in May

International football legends to visit Indonesia in MayInternational football legends will visit Indonesia to play against Indonesian football players in an exhibition game ...

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to love

U.S. website picks 2NE1 as girl group to loveSouth Korean girl group 2NE1 has been chosen by U.S. media website BuzzFeed as one of "11 girl groups from around the ...

Indonesia still needs 191,400 researchers

Indonesia still needs 191,400 researchersIndonesia, with a population of more than 240 million, still needs around 191,400 researchers until 2030, Chief of the ...