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Indonesian government focuses on building creative economy ecosystem

14th June 2016 | 1.529 Views
JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 14, 2016 - (Antara) - The Indonesian government is focused on the creative economy ecosystem in Indonesia. Through it, says Triawan Munaf, head of the Creative Economy Agency (BERKAF), new entrepreneurs in the creative industries will be able to assist each other, and grow their businesses together.

"Take the smartphone application which helps housewives to market their products, for example. In less than three months they have been able to succeed in selling products in a large quantity," he said.

In addition to helping create an ecosystem, the Creative Economy Agency provides training for entrepreneurs in developing business plans, building online businesses, improving sales, marketing & networking, and engaging buyers through successful online presentations.

Triawan also cautions that less than 10 per cent of online businesses enjoy on-going success. Much of this situation, he feels, is caused by a lack of networking success and modest online product presentation.

"We also assist in bringing entrepreneurs together with investors, with support ranging from advice through to JV and partnerships. With this support, these businesses are expected to grow rapidly," he continued.

The creative economy in Indonesia has become an important sector which should be developed seriously, said Triawan. The South Korean government has been developing the creative economy for 15 years, while China has been trying to realize theirs for 10 years.

"The results can be seen today, where these ecosystems are greatly developed. So what we need to put focus on right now is building the ecosystem in Indonesia," he said.

Bambang Muliana, CEO of PT Razedo Grup Sukses (RGS), also known as LiveWell Global, agrees that we are in an era of creative economy, and that new entrepreneurs have to make their businesses stand out.

To achieve this, Bambang believes that entrepreneurs in each industry should be networking, improving marketing and knowledge, as LiveWell Global has been doing. "We have always been training distributors on how to market and sell product and on creating proper business networks," he said.

According to Bambang, some industries have reduced staff due to financial problems. "It's a shame they laid off, they may have tackled problems if they had adequate networks. At LiveWell Global, we provide opportunities for anyone to join, and take part in improving quality of life for the community," he said.

Thus the spirit of LiveWell, according to Bambang, is in line with Government programs to provide positive impact for the people. "In this era of creative economy," he says, "We do not want to be a spectator, we want to play a role, and contribute to better lives."

*Livewell Global was established by network businessmen with a will to create the ideal network marketing company, with a mission to become the best business opportunity for Indonesians to completely improve qualities of life morally, spiritually and financially.

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