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Human trafficking convict undergoes trial in Biak court

30th June 2016 | 1.368 Views
Biak, Papua (ANTARA News) - Human trafficking convict Mami Sari underwent trial at Biak District Court, Papua, Wednesday evening.

The trial was led by head judge, Indrawan. The agenda was to hear the four victim-witnesses of the human trafficking case.

Four girls from Bogor, West Java, identified with initials AF,SN, FS and HM, who were victims of human trafficking testified under oath in the court.

"We were invited to Biak by Sari to work in a night club at a salary of 3 million rupiahs per month," one of the victims told the judges in court.

In reality, these girls were only paid 500,000 rupiah every month.

Prosecutor Leni Silaban charged defendant Sari with regulation number 21, 2007 about the eradication of human trafficking.

During the trial, the defendant was accompanied by her attorney, Sergius Wabiser from Biak.

The trial went smoothly with Biak Police providing security.(*)