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FPI and GNPF-MUI rejected in Balikpapan by muslim youths

10th January 2017 | 2.158 Views
Balikpapan (ANTARA News) - Hundreds of Muslims grouped in the Alliance of Balikpapan Islamic Youths rallied here on Monday calling for the dissolution of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) and the Movement of National Defenders of the Rule of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) (GNPF-MUI).

The youths are members of a number of mass organizations in this East Kalimantan city including Gerakan Pemuda (GP) Anshor, Banser NU, PMII, and GEPAK.

"We heard them planning to declare the establishment of FPI in Balikpapan. We reject the plan," said Wamustofa Hamzah (Topan), Deputy Chairman of the Balikpapan branch of GP Anshor, the youth organization of the countrys largest non political Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama.

Topan said establishing an organization is protected by the law but at the same time the organization is also bound by the responsibility to respect the rights of other citizens or organizations .

"We are not accusing and judging anyone but experience shows and what we have seen in other regions is that FPI has brought about trouble and bad influence," Topan said.

FPI is known for having the tendency of forcing it will upon other , taking the law into its own hands by launching illegal raid and sweeping, Topan said.

Forcing own will upon others is tantamount to sowing seed of disintegration , a threat to the national unity, he said.

"Therefore, we reject the presence of FPI in this city," he said.

Deputy city mayor Rahmad Masud, who met the youths promised to discuss the aspirations of the Islam Youth Alliance. The deputy city mayor said he considered the decision of the youths as a reflection of the aspiration of the local people.

"I think not only FPI, but whoever have created chaos and trouble should be disbanded," he said.

The GNPF-MUI is also rejected as it is an alliance of FPI.

Meanwhile, head of the Balikpapan office of the National Unity and Politics Astani said it had not received application for the registration of mass organization in the name of FPI or GNPF-MUI.

"There was a request by FPI when the city was under Mayor Imdaad Hamid, but at that time the request was rejected as the plan was feared to trigger conflict and cause trouble in the city," Astani said.

Imdaad Hamid, who is an ethnic Arab, was Balikpapan Mayor in 2003-2008 and again in 2008-2013.

FPI request for registration in Balikpapan in 2012 was rejected.(*)