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PSSI appoints Danurwindo as timnas technical director

10th January 2017 | 1.888 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - In the congress of the All-Indonesia Football Association (PSSI), the countrys highest soccer association appointed a former senior coach Danurwindo as the technical director of the national soccer teams or Timnas who will help improve quality of the footballers.

Danurwindo was immediately appointed although PSSI has not yet decided coaches for the Timnas that consists of the senior Timnas, U-23 (under 23 years of age), U-19 and the U-16.

"It is true we have appointed Danurwindo as technical director. In addition to his track record in the senior football practices up to the international level, he is also clever in early childhood education (for footballers)," according to PSSI Secretary General Ade Wellington in Bandung, West Java on Sunday.

Danurwindo is expected not only able to focus on the grass-root development, but also capable to synchronize the work program of coaches at various levels, namely the senior team, U-23, U-19 and the U-16.

In addition, the former coach of the Jakarta soccer club "Persija" is also expected to make a curriculum ranging from the system of coaching, womens football, college football up to education for the referees.

This is important to improve the Indonesian football achievement of various levels.

In the meantime, Danurwindo expressed his readiness to carry out the job required by the PSSI.

In fact, the 65-year-old man has already drafted the program which would be conducted. One of the focus is to equalize the exercises between the junior and senior players.

"To be accomplished, we need to know where the level of our football at the level of ASEAN, Asia or even higher. If we are in ASEAN level obviously we lost to Thailand or other countries. So we must know our position first," he revealed.

Apart from that, we need to know in detail how we play. Thus, there must be a sustainable development.

So far, there is no relationship between the junior to senior teams which is actually needed to create a strong national team.

"Thats why we should have a curriculum," he stated, adding that

(the Timnas management) should also ask the players about shortcoming of the management.

"We should also seek input from outside parties such as the sport science problem," Danurwindo, who was also the former coach of the East Javas Persema Malang club, disclosed.

With his experience, Danurwindo will strive to give his best.

Regarding the appointment of coaches which is considered to be very crucial, PSSI will intensify training and tryout matches for the national soccer teams (Timnas) prior to their participation in the SEA Games 2017 in Malaysia.

PSSI is expected to immediately decide coaches for the four soccer teams namely the senior, U-23 (under 23 years of age), U-19 and the U-16.

The previous coach Alfred Riedl and his assistant Wolfgang Pikal

for the senior team were only contracted for seven months and the contract has come to an end following the completion of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki 2016 championship in December 2016.

Alfred Riedl and his assistant Wolfgang Pikal successfully brought the Timnas to the finals of the AFF Suzuki 2016 championship and turned to be the runner-up, despite a relative shortage of preparation.

So far, PSSI has not yet mentioned on who will replace Alfred Riedl and his assistant Wolfgang Pikal.

PSSI (led by Lt. Gen. Edy Rahmayadi), is currently making a comprehensive evaluation over the Timnas, before deciding the coaches for the countrys squads.

The PSSI in its congress in Bandung, West Java Province on Sunday (Jan 8, 2017) successfully held its first historic congress under its new General Chairman Lt. General Edy Rahmayadi.

The congress which was declared open by the Youth and Sports Affairs Minister Imam Nahrawi in the city and attended by several former captains of the national soccer teams (Timnas), ran smoothly.

This congress is considered to be historic because it was the first time for Minister Nahrawi to attend as well as directly opened the highest level of the countrys soccer association so far.

"This is the first congress (of PSSI) in 2017. It is historic to me because this is the first time I can come directly," he stated on the sidelines of opening the congress.

According to him, the national soccer activities are now developing. Moreover, it was already shown by the results of (the Timnas achievement in the AFF Cup 2016 which was greeted with great fanfare by all Indonesian people. This condition indicates that soccer remains a mainstay, he said.

The results in the AFF Cup in 2016, can be said to be a development of football history because Indonesia had experienced a vacuum. Under this condition, it is an opportunity for Indonesia to improve the results, the minister revealed, adding it requires full support.

The government, according to him, will help provide the facilities as much as possible (for PSSI). (*)