Monday, 23rd October 2017

Police investigating alleged ISIS-linked flows of funds

10th January 2017 | 2.002 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian National Police (Polri) is investigating the alleged fund transfers made by ISIS activist Bahrun Naim through technology-based financial services (Fintech).

The alleged money transactions were monitored by the Financial Transaction Analysis and Report Center (PPATK).

"The finding of the PPATIK is true and the Polri is still investigating it. It is cross-checking with the terrorism cases it has been handling so far," Polri spokesperson Sr. Comr. Martinus Sitompul, said in Jakarta, Tuesday.

The fund transfers could have been carried out through various bank transfer, remittance services and virtual currency on the cyberspace, he remarked.

Following the finding by the PPATK, Polri will coordinate with Bank Indonesia (BI), the central bank, to monitor the movements of virtual currency funds to narrow the window of opportunity for abuse of the facility by terrorists for their activities.

However, Polri will still be unable to block transfer of funds by terrorists, if there is no evidence that they will be used for terrorist activities, Sitompul explained.

"We will track whoever is known to be part of the terrorist group. However, we cannot act (block the transfer) without evidence of their unlawful deed. It has to be proven first. For example, if a person sends money and it is used for terror action, such as for the purchase of explosives, then it can be acted upon. Without adequate evidence, it cannot be blocked, except if while dispatching the money it is indicated that it will be used for terrorism purposes," he confirmed.

Earlier, PPATK detected transactions through Fintech by Naim.

Naim is known to have used accounts which are registered with the PayPal service provider, or Bitcoin encrypted currency to fund terror actions in 2016.(*)