Sunday, 22nd October 2017

Police have evidence of fund transfers from Rachmawati

11th January 2017 | 1.239 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Jakarta Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector General M Iriawan said the police had found evidence that Rachmawati Soekarnoputri had transferred funds to pay for the logistics of the meetings arranged to discuss efforts to topple the government.

"We have found the evidence of the fund transfers," he declared here, Wednesday.

He said it did not matter if Rachmawati denied it, as the police would not need clarification, or a confession from her.

Rachmawati, the daughter of the countrys first president and sister of former president Megawati Soekarnoputri, has been named a suspect, along with several others in a plot to topple the government

"There are witnesses and documents. We have found enough initial evidence, and so the process (investigation) will continue," he said.

Iriawan maintained Rachmawatis meetings with parliament members, asking them to intervene to terminate the case against her, was not a matter of concern.

Parliament members are representatives of the people, and so it is not wrong for them to receive complaints from the citizens, Iriawan mentioned.

"It is alright. That is the task of the DPR (House of Representatives) members, which is to accommodate the peoples complaints," he asserted.

Rachmawati met with DPR members, Wednesday, to explain to them the case made against her in the alleged plot to topple the legitimate government.

She has asked the DPR to intervene on her behalf to get the case against her closed, which also involves activists Sri Bintang Pamungkas and Ratna Sarumpaet, musician Ahmad Dhani and retired army (Maj.Gen.) Kivlan Zein, among others.(*)