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Indonesian farmers to grow seedless oranges

19th March 2017 | 4.241 Views
Indonesian farmers to grow seedless oranges
Photo document of farmers were harvesting seedless oranges. (ANTARA)
Rantau (ANTARA News) - Indonesian farmers in Tapin District, South Kalimantan Province, will develop and grow seedless oranges in some sub-districts, the districts deputy Sufian Noor said here.

The district administration has asked the Agriculture Ministrys research agency in Batu District, East Java Province, to study and enhance the production of the orange variety, he added in Rantau, Districts capital city.

The governments main objectives for this years program have been the development in the sectors of agriculture and horticulture by adopting new technologies and innovations.

The districts agriculture bureau will further introduce a cluster system to enable farmers to cultivate the oranges.

"Our farmers will benefit from this seedless orange variety," Noor noted.

The Ministrys Head of the research agencys technical support Anang Triwiratno had earlier stated that the government will grow the countrys finest orange varieties in a 12-hectare land.

"We have committed to assist in the plantation of the seedless variety in the district," Triwiratno remarked.

The districts government previously has provided a 300-hectare land for orange plantation in North and South Candi Laras Sub-Districts.

The districts local orange, named as Siam Banjar or Miargasari, has been known as the countrys second sweetest fruit at a national competition held by the Agriculture Ministry in Jakarta, Indonesias capital city.

Therefore, this year, the government has committed to grow 200 Margasari orange trees in 19 hectares of land, the official said.

Tapin is a district which is at a two-hour driving distance from South Kalimantan Provinces capital, Banjarmasin City.

(Reported by Ulul Maskuriah/Uu. KR-GNT/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)