Monday, 25th September 2017

ACT distributes aid to famine-affected areas in Africa

20th March 2017 | 1.412 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias Quick Response Action (ACT) has distributed food aid among people living in famine-affected areas in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen.

Through the Sympathy of Solidarity (SOS) team, ACT has distributed 2.6 tons of foodstuff from Indonesia to Somalia, chief of the AQL Islamic Center KH Bachtiar Nasir said in a press statement released on Sunday.

The Indonesian nation, particularly Muslims take social responsibility to alleviate the financial burden of fellow Muslims in other countries which are in dire need of assistance, he said.

He also called on Indonesian Muslims to help ACT implement its aid program for famine in the areas.

"This is the most noble and respected program. The noble value is seen from religious aspect and the respected value is seen from nationality," he said.

The assistance from Muslims for humanitarian purpose will increase Indonesias image in the eye of the international community, he said.

Therefore, ACTs humanitarian program should receive serious attention from the Indonesian nation, he said.

Earlier, SOS distributed food assistance to Kukari village in Lower Shabelle which is located some 40 km from Mogadishu. In addition, the SOS team also distributed aid in Baidoa city in Bay Region.(*)