Wednesday, 20th September 2017

Indonesia to host military sports event

20th March 2017 | 1.562 Views
Magelang, C Java (ANTARA News) - Indonesia will host a military sports event, which will be attended by military academy cadets from across the world, general commander of the Indonesian Military (TNI) Academy Lieutenant General Bayu Purwiyono said here on Monday.

"The third Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) will be staged at the Military Academy in Magelang and the Air Force Academy in Yogyakarta," he stated after opening the 24th Cadets Patriotism and Integration Week (Piktar) at the Magelang Military Academy.

He noted that 125 member countries have already registered, and around 50 others have expressed their readiness to participate in it.

He remarked that Piktar was one of the preparatory events to groom athletes from the Military Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy.

He revealed that six to seven military and general sport branches would compete in the military sports event, adding that Piktar was being used for the selection of the athletes to be fielded in the event.

"We hope this will be the selection forum with regard to establishing the contingent, he stated.

He noted that CISM has become the agenda for the unity of military sports across the world, which is aimed at deepening the relations between cadets.

He remarked that all facilities for the event have been made ready. "The Air Force and the Military Academies have been ready. One thing that is yet to be prepared is the facility for the hurdles event, but the facility with its special characteristics will be ready next year," he added.

"We hope that in the 2018 CISM event, we will make achievements, especially in badminton," he said, adding that Indonesia had only taken part in the event once, which was in Ecuador.(*)