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Indonesians promote sharia economy in UK

23rd March 2017 | 2.868 Views
Indonesians promote sharia economy in UK
The Indonesian Sharia Economic Community in the United Kingdom (MES UK). (
London (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Sharia Economic Community in the UK (MES UK) organized road shows in cities in the UK to promote Sharia economy through various channels, MES UK Secretary General Randi Swandaru informed ANTARA News here, Thursday.

Meanwhile, MES UK Chairman Ebi Junaidi expressed confidence that the road shows will motivate the Indonesian community in the UK to reap the benefits and support Sharia economic development.

Junaidi stated that apart from holding the road shows, MES UK will also develop the Sharia economic policy research, human resource capacity and networking, and optimize websites and social media.

"In summer, we will also hold an Indonesian conference on Islamic Economics and Finance. With these programs, we hope that the people would realize and take advantage of the real impacts of MES UK," Junaidi noted.

Earlier, Junaidi had delivered a speech on economics and Islamic finance through an online forum to Indonesians in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

"God willing, the Islamic economic road show program will continue to disseminate information on the benefits more widely," he added.