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Hundreds of nurses and doctors wear kebaya while treating patients

21st April 2017 | 982 Views
Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - A total of 500 nurses and doctors at the WZ Johanez Kupang General Hospital wore the kebaya, a traditional Indonesian female attire, while offering services to hundreds of patients treated at the hospital on Friday.

"Today is different from the usual days, as it coincides with the commemoration of Kartini Day, so some of our employees are wearing kebaya," the hospitals Director, Dominikus Minggus Mere, represented by Head of the hospitals Public Relations, Maria Theresia Roseni, said here on Friday.

April 21 is celebrated as Kartini Day, to commemorate a pioneer in Indonesian womens resurrection that helped their emancipation, making her a role model for the society.

Maria said the use of kebaya during the commemoration of Kartini Day represented a form of appreciation for the Indonesian women heroes during the colonial era.

Indonesian women, especially in the hospital area, said society must remember Kartinis struggle in fighting for equal rights and dignity of women; as well as obtaining freedom, autonomy and equality of law, as part of a wider movement.

"Our female friends are very enthusiastic and supportive of the use of kebaya while providing services to the patients," she said.

Maria revealed that the use of kebaya symbolized a sense of femininity in the women in the hospital and offered a sense of comfort to the patients.

Anita, a patient suffering from malaria, admitted to being surprised by the way the female doctors and nurses were dressed.

"They look different and very beautiful when dressed in the kebaya and woven fabrics. It seems very comfortable," she revealed.

She hoped that such an atmosphere remains in the hospital to provide a sense of comfort to the patients.

Also, Anita said she expects violence against women to stop in Kupang city or in other areas of East Nusa Tenggara. (*)