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Anti-graft body proposes to arm its personnel

18th May 2017 | 1.482 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) here, Wednesday, has proposed to arm its personnel following an attack last month on the bureaus investigator Novel Baswedan, who was probing a major corruption case.

"After the incident, we have sought a permit to use a gun for anticipating any further risks, including a similar attack on one of the commissions investigators," KPK deputy Alexander Marwata stated in Jakarta.

Marwata added that his bureau has coordinated the plan with the police and the prosecutors office.

"The commission currently has around 100 investigators who are now probing several high-profile cases. Hence, to minimize any risks, we plan to arm our personnel," Marwata noted.

However, not all personnel are willing to carry a gun during the investigation process, he remarked further.

"It always remains a challenge to keep emotions under control while holding a gun. Some personnel, including myself, choose to not arm ourselves," the deputy reiterated.

On Apr 11, the bureaus prominent investigator Baswedan was attacked outside a mosque near his house. An unidentified man, along with his counterpart, splashed acid on his eyes.

The next day, Baswedan was moved to the Singapore National Eye Center for treatment, and in the next week, he was scheduled to undergo a surgery. The surgery is planned to stimulate the growth of eye cells by implanting a membrane cell, or commonly known as "baby skin" cell.

On the same occasion, the anti-graft bodys deputy believed that the police will soon name the perpetrator.

"The police are more qualified to probe this acid attack," Marwata remarked.

However, in supporting the polices investigation, we are willing to share information, he added.

"The public has now called us to set up an independent team to investigate this incident. We are committed to disclosing this attack, but as of now, let the police do its work," he pointed out.

The police has been seriously working on the case, Marwata emphasized.

"We are not giving a deadline to the police, as the probe will depend on the available evidences," he added.(*)