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Morey wins first stage of Tour de Flores

14th July 2017 | 2.392 Views
Morey wins first stage of Tour de Flores
Champion Stage 1 Tour de Flores. The first winner of the Australian rider, Morey Drew (middle), second winner Indonesian rider Hibatullah Jamal (left) and third-place Japanese rider Yamamoto Genki celebrated their victory after the 2017 Tour de Flores (TDF) champion award in Maumere, NTT, Friday / 7/2017). Stage 1 racing bike route Larantuka - Maumere with a distance of 138.8 Km. (ANTARA PHOTO/Nyoman Budhiana) ()
Maumere, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - Drew Morey, a member of Malaysias Terengganu Cycling Team, won the first stage of Tour de Flores, here, Friday.

The first stage, covering a distance of 136.3 kilometers (km), started from Larantuka in East Flores District and finished in Maumere in Sikka District.

Morey finished the race in 28 minutes and two seconds, defeating Jamal Hibatullah from the KFC Cycling Team of Indonesia, who was left behind by two seconds.

Genki Yamamoto from the Kinan Cycling Team of Japan finished third in the race.

The cyclists were greeted by Paolus Nong Susar, Sikka district head, and thousands of local inhabitants while they approached the finish line.

The local residents enthusiastically lined up along the route to watch the race.

In the first stage, the other winners were Wu Chih Hao from the Action Cycling Team of Taiwan in the "king of mountain" category, Hyeongmin Choe of the Geumsan Insam Cello team from South Korea in the "best sprinter" category, and KFC Cycling Team of Indonesia in the team category.

As many as 83 cyclists participated in the first stage covering the Larantuka-Maumere route, with several uphill and downhill roads and sharp turns.

In the second stage, to be held on Saturday, the race will start from Maumere and end in Ende, covering a distance of 142.8 km.

Mentioned herewith are results of the first stage of Tour de Flores 2017 on Friday:

1. Drew Morey - Terengganu Cycling Team 3:28:02
2. Jamal Hibatullah - KFC Cycling Team +00:02
3. Genki Yamamoto - Kinan Cycling Team +00:10
4. Sanghong Park - LX Cycling Team +00:10
5. Hyosuk Gong - Terengganu Cycling Team +00:10
6. Arvin Moazamigodarzi - Pishgaman Cycling +00:10
7. Muhammad Abdurrohman - KFC Cycling Team +00:29
8. Nick Miller - Futuro Pro Cycling Team +00:44
9. Muhammad Imam Arifin - KFC Cycling Team +01:11
10. Amir Kolahdouzhagi - Pishgaman Cycling Team +01:11