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More support coming to back up KPK facing parliament pansus

15th July 2017 | 1.836 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The association of the alumnus of the University of Indonesia (Iluni UI) and the executive board of students of the countrys most prestigious university (BMUI), have thrown full support for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in facing the Inquiry Right Special Committee (Pansus) of the House of representatives.

"After speaking about three issues at the House last week, today we want to speak about a number of things with KPK," Iluni chairman Arief Budhy Hardono said at the KPK building here on Friday.

"First, about our firm rejection of intervention in the process of law enforcement at KPK and second our rejection of all attempt to weaken the struggle to eradicate corruption through inquiry rights and revision of the Law on KPK," Arief said.

The third message is that Iluni UI urges KPK to thoroughly settled all legal case about the e-ID card corruption case by immediately naming all those implicated in the indictment as suspects and the fourth the Iluni UI urged KPK to immediately settle big corruption cases.

The Iluni UI also urges President Joko Widodo to take a firm stand in opposing all attempt to weaken the struggle to eradicate corruption.

"Our messages are not only addressed to the House and KPK, but also to the government. The Iluni UI will continue to back up KPK," Aried repeated.

Meanwhile, chairman of BEM UI M. Syaeful Mujab said that the struggle to stamp out corruption from the country is being tested.

"The test comes from the people representatives through their inquiry rights," Syaeful said.

He said BEM UI also firmly reject attempts to weaken KPK and asked the House to dissolve its inquiry right Pansus and cancel the exercise of inquiry right on KPK.

Iluni UI and BEM UI leaders were received by KPK leaders including its chairman Agus Rahardjo and deputy Saut Situmorang.

"We thank you for the support. We will answer any question and we wlll show facts and data. Hopefully this would add to our spirit in settling all legal cases as demanded by Iluni UI and BEM UI," Agus said.

At that time, there was an incident when House Speaker and Golkar General Chairman Setya Novanto, who is also implicated in the e-ID card corruption case, came out from the room where he had been investigated as a witness. The students, who were present there with the BEM UI called out "arrest, arrest Novanto," but Novanto hurriedly to his car accompanied by Golkar secretary general Idrus Marham and left the place.

Iluni UI and BEM UI came to KPK when the anti graft agency was grilling Setya Novanto as a witness in the electronic-ID car corruption case.

The House and KPK has been in conflict over KPK refusal to release the result of KPKs investigation of Myriam S. Haryani . The conflict led to the setting up of the House Pansus on KPK . The legal investigation of Miryam was related to the alleged flow of the embezzled money to the a number of lawmakers.

Miryam, a former lawmaker had been arrested by KPK on allegedly giving false testimony at court. She hold information about the flow of part of the embezzled money from the e-ID card procurement project to the bank accounts of the lawmakers.

Through the Pansus, the House hopes to force KPK to hand over the data and bring Mariyam to a meeting of the special committee for questioning by the lawmakers.

KPK, however, rejected both requests saying result of legal investigation could be opened only at court. KPK also questioned the legal status of the Pansus, which was set up without hearing the opinions of all factions in the House.

In an indictment read out by KPK prosecutor during the trial of suspects in the e-ID card corruption case more than 50 lawmakers and former lawmakers were implicated as having share of the embezzled money of more than Rp2.5 trillion.

The data were based on investigation of Miryam as a witness, but in a trial of suspects, Miryam withdrew all he statements, saying she was forced to make the statements by KPK investigators.

However, a CCTV video, confirmed by experts, showed no signs of pressure by KPK investigators, leading to her arrest for allegedly giving false testimony.

On the contrary, senior KPK investigator Novel Baswedan said that Miryam had told her investigators that a number of lawmakers had intimidated her seeking to force her not to give fact about the distribution of the embezzled money among the lawmakers.

The lawmakers were members of the Commission III including chairman of the commission Bambang Soesatyo from the Golkar faction, Deputy Chairman of the Commission Desmond Junaidi Mahesa from the Gerindra faction and members of the Commission Sarifuddin Suding, Masinton Pasaribu respectively from the Hanura and PDIP factions.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of KPK Loade M Syarif said the anti graft agency had no intention of insulting the House by refusing to bring Miryam to a meeting of Pansus.

Laode said KPK wanted to remind the House that summoning a suspect or detainee who is in the process of investigation by KPK could be interpreted as an obstruction of justice.

"Legal process may not be confused with political process," he said.

Earlier on Friday, the Pansus leaders visited the police headquarters and the attorney general office apparently seeking support from the two law enforcement agencies.

The Pansus has said it would ask police to use force to bring Miryam , now in KPK detention, to a meeting of the Pansus, but Police Chief General Tito Karnavian has said police would reject such request.(*)