Sunday, 22nd October 2017

Purchase of weapons by BIN lawful: House

26th September 2017 | 849 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The purchase of arms by the State Intelligence (BIN) is lawful and based on rules as it had used money from the state budget (APBN), a legislator said.

"The purchase is valid as it is based on the state budget. Hence, there is no need to trigger a polemic," lawmaker Hasanuddin, deputy chairman of the House of Representatives (DPRs) Commission I, stated here on Monday.

He noted that the purchase of weapons by BIN was for it to train its new members.

Hasanuddin, who is a politician of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), remarked that the polemic regarding the statement of Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) Commander, General Gatot Nurmantyo, had actually been cleared.

The TNI chief had earlier stated that there was an institution beyond the TNI and the Indonesian National Police (Polri), which was planning to illegally purchase 5 thousand short-barreled weapons.

Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto had cleared the matter, saying that BIN had planned to buy 500 weapons based on regulations.

According to Hasanuddin, the matter has been cleared because based on the hierarchy in the government, the matter has been taken over by Wiranto who explained that there was no purchase of 5 thousand arms but 500 by BIN.

"State officials must understand matters related to the rules, procedures, and ethics. If there is information of that kind, it should be discussed with the relevant agencies. If it is difficult to do so, it can be reported to the coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs," he explained.

He revealed that it was not correct to publicize a sensitive piece of information. Such an information should rather be avoided to prevent the condition from turning chaotic.

According to him, 5 thousand weapons is not a small number as it is equal to the weapons of five combat battalions, which could trigger various questions among the public.

Wiranto has earlier stated that the procurement of 500 short-barreled weapons by the State Intelligence Agency will be used for intelligence education.

"This is for intelligence education and is procured by an official government institution," Wiranto told a press conference at his office in Jakarta on Sunday.

Wiranto explained that as many as 500 weapons were not imported but were ordered from state-owned ammunition firm PT Pindad.

Nurmantyo earlier revealed that a total of 5 thousand weapons were illegally imported by an institution beyond the TNI and the Polri.

But Wiranto then denied it, saying that the procurement of 500 weapons was the correct information.

The chief political affairs minister added that there was misinformation about it.

He said the misinformation was due to the lack of communication between the relevant agencies.

"I have summoned the Commander of the TNI and the Police chief. This is a matter of incomplete communication regarding the purchase of the weapons," Wiranto explained.

He further regretted the misinformation that had led to speculation among the public.

"It is now spreading in the community and sparking speculations," Wiranto concluded. (*)