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Police seize 1.74 tons of marijuana in Sukabumi

12th September 2009 | 459 Views
Sukabumi, West java (ANTARA News) - A joint West Java, National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and Sukabumi district police team seized 1,744 kilograms of dried marijuana worth Rp6 billion in a raid on a drug dealer`s house on Friday night.

The drug in packages ready for distribution was found in a rented house located in Cicurug, Sukabumi district, on Friday (Sept 11) night. During the raid, police also arrested four suspects namely Ad, Nd, Yg and Ot.

"Last night`s crackdown was the result of a long process of investigation and stalking," the director of the West Java narcotics unit, Commissioner Nugroho Aji Wijayanto, said here on Saturday.

The police found the marijuana contained in 40 bags and 107 brick-shaped packages. It had been brought to Sukabumi from Aceh hidden in a truck carrying boxes of fruit.

The four suspects, Nugroho said, played different roles in the drug dealing ring. One was the courier, another the store-house keeper, still another the liaison man. The ring`s boss or financier, however, was still at large.

"We have formed three teams that will operate in several places to track down the owner of the marijuana. An identification process is now still underway," said Nugroho.

In Aceh itself, police had seized 140,550 marijuana plants weighing a total of 89.9 tons and 535 grams of crystal methamphetamine in the July-August 2009 period.

The anti-drug operations were conducted in four districts, namely Gayo Lues, Aceh Besar, Bireuen and Pidie. (*)