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289 citizens still buried in Padangpariaman

4th October 2009 | 632 Views
289 citizens still buried in Padangpariaman
Excavators try to evacuate the victims of landslides due to a powerful earthquake that hit West Sumatra at Padang Pariaman district (10/4). (ANTARA/Maril Gafur/*)
Padang (ANTARA News) - As many as 289 residents in three districts of Padangpariaman Regency are still buried in avalanches caused by the earthquake which happened Wednesday (30/10) until Sunday morning.

"There are still many of our citizens are buried in the avalanche at Patamuan sub-district, V East Koto, and V Koto Kampung Dalam. Until now, the evacuation of casualties is still being implemented," said Regent Padangpariaman, Muslim eunuch, Sunday.

Patamuan sub-district residents who are still buried there in the three respective surroundings are, 43 people at Pulau Air, 69 people at Cumanak, and 130 people at Lubuklaweh.

Meanwhile as many as 28 residents who had buried was found dead in Patamuan sub-district, each are four people at Pulau Air, seven people in Cumanak, and 17 people at Lubuk Laweh.

In V East Koto sub-district was estimated as many as 54 victims are buried, and 18 people was found. For sub-district V Koto Kampung Dalaman, two people were still buried, and yet to be evacuated.

According to the regents head, the latest data of 237 people of Padangpariaman people are killed in 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

He said that Padangpariaman regency is the most severe regional earthquake stricken apart from South Coastal Regency, Pariaman, Bukittinggi, and Padangpanjang.

There are also 17 sub-district in Padangpariaman which are very severe from the earthquake strike. Seven sub-districts are, Batang Gasan, Sungai Limau, V Koto Kampung Dalam, IV Koto Aur Malintang, Sungai Geringging, V Koto Timur, Patamuan, VII Koto Sei Sarik, 2 X 11 Enam Lingkung, and 2 X 11 Kayu Tanam.

Then also few other sub-districts consisting of Sintuk Toboh Gadang, Lubuk Alung, Nan Sabaris, Ulakan Tapakis, Sago Padang, Batang Alai, and Six Lingkung.
As many as 155 seriously injured victims and 238 slightly injured were recorded.

There are nine public facilities were damaged, 30 were severely damaged. Then, as many as nine houses of worship experienced some minor damage, 30 were damaged, and 181 heavily damaged.

Three offices buildings are also damage, and 33 severely damaged. Nine schools were lightly damaged, eight were destroyed and 77 severely damaged.

On the other hand, some 425 houses also experienced minor damage, 4130 damaged, and 19,183 heavily damaged.

Regent said, evacuation assistance from the SAR team, STSI Padangpanjang, TNI, Mobile Brigade, Red Cross and other volunteers have been made.

Public Works Department Head Zainir Padangpariaman Koto said, as many as eight heavy equipment was lowered to the evacuation slide.

Eight heavy equipment were came from Padangpariaman two units, two from West Sumatra Province, two from Zipur, and from two units from Ria Zainir admitted in District Patamuan that the terrain is more difficult because one kilometer road must be made to reach the avalanche site.(*)