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Murdoch demands Google pay for news

13th October 2009 | 1.898 Views
Beijing,  (ANTARA) - Media tycoon and News Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch has demanded that such internet search engines as Google and other websites pay for the articles which they so far been receiving free of charge.

He made the remark at the World Media Summit here Friday (Oct 9) which is being attended by 300 media owners and CEOs, including president director of Indonesian national news agency ANTARA, Ahmad Mukhlis Yusuf.

On the occasion, Murdoch accused Google and other kindred websites of being internet "parasites."

He said content aggregators in the internet had stolen news and articles from the traditional media companies and news agencies, "it`s time for them to pay," he said in a loud speech on the podium.

Google Inc. Vice President John Liu who also attended the event which was opened by Chinese President Hu Jin Tao just nodded his head to Murdoch`s remark.
Recently, Murdoch also held campaigns on websites that were expected to pay the content owners.

According to Murdoch, if they did not take the opportunity at the world`s media summit to make the contents paid, then they would pay high prices for the consequences and the thieves of the contents would win.

After he made the remark, the audience which mostly consisted of news agency leaders, including Ahmad Mukhlis Yusuf, ANTARA president director concurrently OANA (Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies) president, gave him a big applause.
Many news agencies had complained about the content aggregators as they had quoted their news, pictures and videos without permission and paying any fees.

US Associated Press (AP) CEO, Tom Curley, also expressed the same sentiment. He invited all the content providers to act fast and firm against news theft.

He said the content providers were acting too slowly on third party news exploitation without permission.

Search engines such as Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and Facebook had been the main destination and reference for all customers to search headlines which actually came from some traditional publishers.

According to him, the content providers must act fast and firm to regain their control over the contents they had produced.

He said they should not tolerate this anymore, journalists have served their lives, even their lives at stake while gaining information needed by the public, they must be defended by the parties who gained profit from their hard work without pay. ***1***