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Elephant runs amuck, injures spectators

25th January 2010 | 3.849 Views
Jambi (ANTARA News) - A young girl had her left foot trampled upon by a circus elephant that lost its cool during a show and went on a rampage in the arena in Kumpeh Kasang village, Muarojambi district, on Sunday (Jan 24) at 15.00 local time.

Jambi Police spokesman Adjunct Senior Commissioner Almansyah said on Monday the elephant was doing its part in a show but suddenly left the stage and wildly ran around in the arena . In the proces, the large animal stepped on the left foot of a spectator, Maya (10).

"The Sunday incident caused an uproar among the hundreds of people watching the show and they rushed out of circus arena," Almansyah said adding that Maya and a few other spectators were slightly injured. They were immediately taken to a local hospital.

The loose elephant was eventually calmed by an animal tamer while the manager of the circus show was brought to a police station for questioning. (*)