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Gayus Tambunan arrested

31st March 2010 | 3.277 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Gayus Tambunan, a tax official wanted for corruption and money laundering, had been arrested at Mandarin Hotel-Meritus, Orchard Road, Singapore, on Tuesday evening.

The fugitive would be flown to Jakarta on Wednesday (Mar 31), Anti-Judicial Corruption Task Force Secretary Denny Indrayana told ANTARA from Singapore early today.

Tambunan was arrested by a joint team of the Indonesian police and the Task Force when he and his family were dining at an Asian food stall at Lucky Plaza, Singapore, on Tuesday evening.

At that time, Indrayana said that he and Mas Ahmad Santosa, member of the Task Force, happened to have dinner at the same restaurant at 08.30 pm local time.

"Seeing Gayus Tambunan, we immediately call Chief of the Indonesian police detective unit Commissioner General Ito Sumardi to inform him on Tambunan`s whereabouts," he said.

At the meeting with the suspect, the task force and other Indonesian police officers asked him to become cooperative and willing to return to Indonesia to stand trial, Indrayana said.

After two hours of negotiations , Tambunan eventually decided to return to Indonesia.

Tambunan then returned to hotel along with the Indonesian police and task force team.
Witnessed by Singaporean authorities and Indonesian embassy`s diplomats, Tambunan`s wife could also be persuaded, he said.

For their return to Jakarta on Wednesday, the Indonesian embassy had prepared special travel documents for Tambunan because his passport had been seized, he said.

Tambunan and his family would be flown by a commercial flight to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, he added.

Tambunan`s case came under the spotlight after the police named him suspect in connection with a suspicious Rp25 billion bank account in his name.

Following the discovery of the irregularity in the investigation of the case the police then set up a special team of investigators.

Tambunan left Indonesia the country for Singapore on March 24 after securing a passport with false data.

It was former chief detective Commissioner General Susno Duadji who was the first person to disclose the case.

In connection with Tambunan`s case, the police had also arrested a lawyer and a police officer.

Haposan Hutagalung, who was Tambunan`s lawyer from June 8 to September 1, 2009, and Police Commissioner Arafat are in police custody since Monday night.