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Anti-mafia taskforce secretary suggests former tax officials to clarify wealth

10th April 2010 | 597 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Secretary to Anti-Mafia Taskforce, Denny Indrayana, suggests former high-ranking tax officials to clarify their wealth to the public to avoid suspicion that the money was resulted from money laundering activities.

Denny took example the wealth possessed by former Tax Director General, Hadi Purnomo, now chairman of Supreme Audit`s Agency (BPK), worth Rp38 billion.

"Of the Rp38 billion, some Rp36 billion among them is from grant. Hadi must clarify the exact source of the grant money to avoid public`s suspicion," Denny said here on Saturday during a discussion titled "A Dream to Eradicate Corruption".

Denny also mentioned another high-ranking tax official such as Fuad Bawazier who had most of his wealth from grant.

Earlier, the police have charged former official of the National Development Planning Board (Bapenas) Bahasyim Assifie with corruption and money laundering.

Jakarta Metropolitan Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Boy Rafli Amar said in his modus operandi the suspect had deposited Rp64 billion in gratification money in accounts of members of his family.

"He had received the money from taxpayers in exchange for his services in overcoming their tax problems and deposited it in the accounts of members of his family," he said.

Based on these findings, the police investigators had charged him with corruption and money laudering.

Boy said the suspect transferred the money to the accounts of his wife, Sri Purwanti, and his daughter, Winda Arum at Bank Negara Indonesia.

He said the police had confiscated materials as evidence they had found during the investigation, including current accounts and money worth Rp64 billion kept in the accounts of Sri Purwanti and Winda Arum. (*)