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Finance ministry asks PPATK to check 20 accounts

14th April 2010 | 561 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The finance ministry`s inspector general, Hekinus Manao, has asked the Financial Transactions Analysis and Reporting Center (PPATK) to check 20 accounts in connection with a tax corruption case.

"We have made a request for a check on accounts outside the ones PPATK has submitted and we have sent the list of around 20 names there, in connection with the current tax corruption case," Hekinus said here on Wednesday.

He said all the 20 accounts belonged to officials of the Directorate General of Taxation linked to suspect GT.

"We have submitted them because they are relatively vulnarable to the recent case," he said.

Hekinus said the finance ministry continued following up the data that had been unveiled by PPATK to the media relating to 25 suspicious accounts belonging to officials of the Directorate General of Taxation but the office had not officially received it.

"It is quite difficult to make correct identification because the report that we received from PPATK earlier did not match with what the media had reported because the number of accounts reported to us was 26," he said.

He said the accounts were not entirely new because some of them had been reported earlier and not all were suspicious.

"We are still studying them and discussing with PPATK officials regarding the criteria for determining a suspicious transaction. Frankly speaking we have a different opinion. Perhaps their way of analyzing them is different from ours because we found some of them not unusual," he said.

Hekinus said the 25 accounts unveiled by PPATK to the media were possibly apart from the 26 accounts reported to the finance ministry earlier.

"Not all are new and if broken down they do not match with what the media have reported. For example they reported 10 customs officials but we could find only 6 to 7 names. And the 26 accounts include those belonging to GT and BA," he said.

The director general of taxation, Mochamad Tjiptardjo, admitted he had not followed up the report from PPATK because he still waited for a report from the Inspectorate General.

"We are waiting for a report from the Inspectorate General. It is not that it has received reports about the 26 accounts before GT case emerged. So let`s wait for the Inspectorate General`s clarification if the 15 officials of the Directorate General of Taxation were new or old," he said.

PPATK chief Yunus Husein earlier said his office since 2005 had reported to the law enforcement authorities concerned with the 25 accounts and suspicious transactions.

"It has to do with 15 tax officials and 10 customs officials," he said.
He said he could not judge with regard to the status of the accounts which was the domain of law enforcement agencies.

"What is clear is that we have reported all to KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission ), the Attorney General Office and the police," he said.(*)