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Anies Baswedan named one of World`s 20 future figures

1st May 2010 | 1.511 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Japanese magazine "Foresight` has named Indonesian educator Anies Baswedan, the rector of Paramadina University, as one of 20 prominent figures expected to play big roles in the world in the next two decades.

The Tokyo-based monthly recently published a special cover story entitled: "20 Persons, 20 Years" which listed 20 persons (from all continents to be watched in the next 20 years).

Baswedan was included in the list along with such names as Vladimir Putin (Russia), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), David Milliband (UK), Rahul Gandhi (India), Paul Ryan (member of US House of Representative) and Seif Al-Islam Al Qaddafi (Libya).

Baswedan was the only person from Southeast Asia included in the list.

The magazine wrote that the grandson of Abdurrahman Baswedan, an information minister during the Indonesian revolution and one of Indonesia`s founding fathers, was predicted to be one of Indonesia`s promising future leaders.

"He is a moderate Moslem who consistently stands in the middle, not affiliated with any political party or group," the magazine said.

According to the magazine, Baswedan`s neutral, fair and consistently balanced views had earned him the trust of all communities, including many political elites.

Therefore, he had remained non-partisan although many political observers had already named him as a potential candidate for the national leadership and many Indonesian political groups were keen to have Baswedan join their parties.

Previously, a US magazine `Foreign Policy` named Baswedan one of the world`s top 100 public intellectuals in 2008 and the `World Economic Forum` included him in the 2009 `Young Global Leaders`.

"I feel the world has been paying more attention to Indonesia," said Baswedan who recently was invited to give talks at various international forums in Tokyo, London, Copenhagen and Madrid.

This May 2 to 6 Baswedan would also give a speech at the `Young Global Leaders Summit` in Tanzania.

Paramadina`s spokesperson, Syafiq Assegaff, said the honor from `Foresight` reflects the big role that the educational sector is playing.

"We can see that Baswedan is the only educator listed in the magazine," Syafiq said.

Baswedan has headed Paramadina University since 2007 and has successfully brought its reputation to a higher standard by showing leadership and remarkable modern management, combined with his vision and fresh ideas.

According to Baswedan, the management of any university should be based on a professional business model.

"The university has to be run in a modern way and linked strongly and mutually with the private business sector," said Baswedan.

Among the breakthroughs conducted by Paramadina is the fellowship system, which provides "escalators" into better life prospect for bright students who came from less fortunate family backgrounds.

Foresight is a monthly news magazine published by one of Japan`s oldest and major publishing companies, Shinchosha.

Baswedan holds a doctorate in philosophy from Northern Illinois University, a master`s degree in public policies from the University of Maryland`s School of Public Policies, College Park, US.

Baswedan was actively involved in the Indonesia`s student movement during Suharto`s authoritarian regime, and now he is a prominent political analyst in Indonesia and often referred to as one of Indonesia `s youngest university presidents.

Besides the seven names, the Foresight list also includes Okonjo-Iwaela, Nigeria`s first female finance minister; Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, brother of the emir of the United Arab Emirates , Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Also mentioned were Hassan Khomeini, grandson of the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran; Rama Yade, France`s Senegal-born state minister for sports; Thomas Hoegh, film producer and CEO Arts Alliance, Norway; Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, president of Pakistan`s Muslim League; Virachai Virameteekul, minister at the Thai prime minister`s office; Hu Chunhua, China Communist Party secretary for Inner-Mongolia; Jack Ma, online trading owner, China; Terry Guo, richest conglomerate in Taiwan; Lee Jae Yong, the only son of Samsung owner and founder Lee Kun-hee; Tochisako Atsumasa, president of Micro Finance International Corporation in Washington, and Ito Joichi, CEO CreativeCommons, Japan.(*)