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Obama Deeply Regrets Having To Postpone Indonesia Visit - (d)

5th June 2010 | 2.043 Views
Obama Deeply Regrets Having To Postpone  Indonesia Visit - (d)
Jakarta, June 5 (ANTARA) - US President Barack Obama has expressed his deep regret that he has to postpone his trip to Asia, including Indonesia, that was scheduled for later this month, according to a June 3 statement by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs as quoted by the US Embassy in Jakarta.

"The President looked forward to rescheduling so that he can visit both countries soon. President Obama underscored his commitment to our close alliance with Australia and our deepening partnership with Indonesia," Gibbs said as reported on the embassy`s official website.

President Obama spoke with Prime Minister Rudd of Australia, and with President Yudhoyono. President Obama informed President Yudhoyono of Indonesia that he must postpone his June visit to Indonesia due to the on-going environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

The reason cited for the postponement was need to address the current BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. President Obama has characterized the oil spill as "enraging as it is heartbreaking." He also vowed that he "will continue to pursue any and all responsible means of stopping this leak," and that he will not relent "until this leak is contained, until the waters and shores are cleaned up."

The President said he looks forward to visiting both countries and to continuing close coordination on issues of mutual interest. He plans to hold full bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Rudd and President Yudhoyono on the margins of the G-20 meeting in Canada.