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Some British media report on RI sex video scandal

17th July 2010 | 1.597 Views
London (ANTARA News) - The sex-tape scandal involving three Indonesian celebrities, including pop singer "Ariel Peterpan", has attracted the attention of some British newspapers.

ANTARA here found on Friday that news about the porn video scandal was published by Daily Mail, The Times, and Metro.

Ariel and his Peterpan band once performed at London`s Bordeline Cafe some time ago.

The Daily Mail carried a story headed "Where not to make a sex tape: Pop star faces 12 years in jail for breaking strict obscenity laws in Muslim Indonesia".

Reports on the same topic were also published by The Times and Metro. The latter carried a story headed "Indonesian pop star detained by police over sex-tape scandal".

The British newspapers reported that Ariel Peterpan was facing a 12-year jail sentence if found guilty in court of violating the anti-pornography law.

Meanwhile, it was reported from Jakarta the police had arrested a man believed to be the first up-loader of the sex tape into the internet. The police just identified him as RJ.
"The suspect, RJ, is a recording technician for certain musicians," the head of the National Police`s public relations division, Inspector General Edward Aritonang, said.

The police had so far questioned ten suspects in the highly sensational case.
The video scandal involving Ariel, actress-host Luna Maya and model Cut Tari received top public and media attention in Indonesia during the past few months.

Ariel himself was named a suspect in the case and detained by the police.
The Commission for Children`s Protection (KPAI) had called on the police to settle the porn video scandal soon by bringing those responsible to trial.

The scandal also triggered rallies by various elements in the society, including Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI).

Several hundreds members of HTI`s Solo chapter recently staged a rally against Indonesians involved in free sex and pornography.

In his speech, the demonstration`s coordinator, Erland Alfath Fathonie, said the porn video scandal involving a pop rocker, top model, and TV presenter was an indication of the widening practice of free sex in the country.

Young Indonesians needed to be protected from such porn videos and materials by teaching them religious values, he said.(*)