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Flood hits five villages in S Kalimantan

24th July 2010 | 1.079 Views
Kotabthe Viaru, S Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - A flood hit five villages in Tanah Bambu district, South Kalimantan, on Saturday following heavy rains over the past few days.

The flood inundated thousands of houses at the villages of Sungai Danau, Jombang, Bukit Baru, Sinar Bulan, and Satui with the water level reaching up to one meter, Tanah Bumbu district administration spokesman Ardiansyah said.

Quoting the results of a survey made by Tanah Bumbu district`s social affairs office, he said the flood had victimized around 1,640 families or 5,000 people.

Some of the flood victims had been evacuated to higher grounds using rubber boats. The flood evacuees were being sheltered at a number of multi-purpose buildings and mosques, he said.

The water level in the worst-hit areas currently reached one meter, he said.

"The flood was worsened by high tide," he said.

Hundreds of meters of provincial road leading to Satui bridge were also flooded and no cars or motorcycles could move on it, he said.

"God willing, the flood will subside when the tide recedes," he said.

He said local authorities had set up a number of command posts and emergency tents in several places to help the flood victims.

In addition, the Tanah Bumbu district social affairs office had had set up makeshift kitchens near the mosques and buildings sheltering the flood victims, he said.