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Govt issues regulation on establishment of anti-terrorism agency

30th July 2010 | 714 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government has issued Presidential Regulation (Perpress) Number 46 of 2010 on the establishment of a National Anti-terrorism Agency (BNPT).

The office of the coordinating minister for security, political and legal affairs said in a press statement here on Friday the BNPT was a non-ministerial body under and responsible to the President while in carrying out its tasks it was under the coordination of the coordinating minister for security, political and legal affairs.

It said the regulation was issued because terrorism remained a concrete and serious threat that could at any time disturb national security while its activity is organized involving vast network threatening national as well as international peace and security and therefore centralized, integrated and coordinated effors were needed to handle it.

BNPT is tasked with formulating policies/national programs, coordinating government offices concerned with regard to its implementation and implementing policies in the field of anti-terrorism by set up taskforces with members from government offices in line with their respective tasks, functions, authorities.

The taskforce to implement terrorism prevention consists of elements from the police and the military (TNI) whose assignment is based upon embedding and could involve community members.

The embrio of the new institution is the Anti-terrorism Desk under the office of the coordinating minister for political, security and legal affairs.

While the organization of BNPT is being formed the Desk would remain operating, it said.(*)