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Karangetang erupts, four killed

6th August 2010 | 304 Views
Manado, N Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Four people were killed in an eruption of Mount Karangetang in Sitaro Islands district, North Sulawesi province, early Friday.

"The bodies of the dead victims have been evacuated and the matter has been formally reported by the local authorities to the North Sulawesi governor," Head of the North Sulawesi`s Social Services Office Recky Tumanduk said here on Friday.

Mount Karangetang, one of the active volcanoes in the district, erupted in the wee hours of Friday, causing panic among thousands of residents in the district with many of them evacuating to safer places.

Most of the panic-stricken residents lived in Siau subdistrict, Sitaro district, he said.
The four were believed to have been buried by mud.

The eruption also destroyed five houses owned by Neghe Damisi, Mokoagouw Neghe, Neghe Sakawerus, Neghe Adilang, Katanging Neghe and Kendung Sesale families.

"The North Sulawesi provincial government keeps monitoring the situation there. We have prepared relief aid," he said.

There has so far been no official report from the district natural mitigation task force on the latest condition of the volcano and the fate of residents fleeing their homes.

In July 2009, Mount Karangetang also spewed hot lava, forcing thousands of residents to evacuate to safer places.(*)