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Ministry to propose candidates for national hero

17th October 2010 | 639 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Social Affairs Ministry is to propose ten names to receive a title of national heroes from the Council of Titles and Honors, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam said.

The ten were former Jakarta governor Ali Sadikin, Habib Sayid Al Jufrie, former president Soeharto, former president Abdurrahman Wahid, Andi Depu, Johanes Leimena, Abraham Dimara, Andi Makkasau, Pakubuwono X and Sanusi, Dipo said here Sunday.

"The names were selected by the Ministry from various proposals from people and parties that now become ten names out of 18 to be proposed to the Title and Honours Council which is led by the Minister of Politics, Law and Security," Dapo said to ANTARA.

The candidacy would be as the Council filters the proposed names further, he said.

"The Council would propose the candidates, based on the determined criteria, advantages and disadvantages, to the President," he said.

The proposed candidates could either be all or some who passed the candidacy, he said.

The President is the one who would choose the candidates proposed by the Council, he said.

The proposal of the National Hero candidacy was the people`s right, he said, adding
that the government only acted as facilitator, filter, and verification agent.

The government would select and consider the candidates, proposed by the people, based on benefits and disadvantages, the pros and the cons objectively and neutrally, he said.(*)