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Loud explosions mark another Merapi eruption

1st November 2010 | 660 Views
Klaten, C Java  (ANTARA News) - Mount Merapi erupted again at 10.10 am local time Monday spewing hot clouds and dark fog masses in easterly direction punctuated by loud explosions.

Lt Col Soekoso Wahyudi, chief of the Boyolali district military command, said here Monday the explosions this time were louder than those that happened on Sunday evening (Oct 31),

The hot clouds descended on part of the mountain slopes and moved in easterly direction.

Meanwhile, the local military and police commands deployed personnel on roads in areas around the mountain to regulate traffic which had become clogged by vehicles and people rushing to leave the danger zones.

According to reports from Klaten, Sleman and Boyolali districts, the volcanic explosions were so loud as to cause panic among thousands of people in these regions and a rush to seek refuge as far away from the maintain as possible.

The hot clouds from the mountain`s crater crept in eaterly direction for more than 20 minutes and then made a turn into westerly direction.

Everywhere, the sound of mobile sirens was heard to warn local people about the volcanic eruption. (*)