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Krakatau`s ash reaches Cilegon and Serang

3rd November 2010 | 737 Views
Cilegon (ANTARA News) - Black ash ejected by Anak Krakatau (GAK) volcano in the Sunda strait had been floating in the past couple of days reaching houses of residents in Cilegon and Serang.

"Yesterday and even now, the front porch of the house is covered with black ash," a resident of Jombang subdistrict, Cilegon, Neti Herawati said Wednesday.

She said in the beginning I did not think the black ash came from GAK blown by the wind, and I noticed that the same thing happened to by neighbors, she said.

A similar complaint was made by Azkiya Kiki, resident of Lontar, Serang, Banten province. The young woman, expecting a second child, said she was shocked to see black ash covering her front porch in the morning.

"It is unusual, I first thought the house of a neighbor caught fire, but later I found out I was wrong. My husband told be it came from Anak Krakatau carried by the wind," she said.

On a different occasion, observer of the Serang Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Eko Widiantoro confirmed that the black ash covering Cilegon and Serang came from GAK which had already been declared with alert status in the past week.

"The speed of the wind at sea reaches 25 knots per hour, and 15 knows on land. It is why the black ash from GAK landed on the houses of the resident more than 50 kilometers away," he said.

He said the wind was blowing at a high speed because on Novemnber 1 the Anggrek tropical wind was blowing from the west of Java island. It was this wind cycle that cause the strong wind and high waves in the Sunda strait, he added.(*)