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Waykanan district creating "minapolitan" areas

24th November 2010 | 1.002 Views
Waykanan, Lampung (ANTARA News) - The Waykanan district administration is spurring development of its fisheries sub sector by creating "minapolitan" areas in several subdistricts to improve the local people`s welfare, a local official said.

"A minapolitan area is where fish breeding is the main economic activity. It is also in line with the central government`s program and Waykanan`s potentials," Waykanan District Chief Bustami Zainudin said here Wednesday.

Waykanan had hydropower potentials in Banjit and Rebantangkas subdistrits where the water flows came from mountains and were not dependent on rainfall.

Under the plans, every household in minapolitan areas would have a fish pond. "The administration will provide the funds to build the fish ponds and the yields are for the people," he said.

Meanwhile, head of Waykanan`s agriculture husbandry and fishery office M.Gusril said the planned minapolitan areas were Banjit, Kasui, Bumiagung, Bahuga, Buaybahuga, Baradatu and Blambanganumpu subdistricts.

"The fish breeding areas for tilapia and carp are in Banjit and Kasui sub districts," Gusril said. Catfish breeding would be in Bumiagung, Buaybahuga and Bahuga subdistricts and catfish breeding in Baradatu and Blambanganumpu subdistricts, he said.

Gusril added Waykanan district was expected to have a target of 168.42 percent increase in production until 2014 or at 42.10 percent per year for such fish commodities as tilapia, carp and catfish.