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Minister sticks to direct election for Yogyakarta governor

14th December 2010 | 483 Views
Padang, West Sumatra  (ANTARA News) - Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi has said the central government maintains its offer of gubernatorial direct election concept for Yogyakarta.

"We stick to our concept that Yogyakarta`s governor must be democratically elected, however the Sultan still maintains his special rights," Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi said here Tuesday, when speaking in a seminar organized by three state universities and Australia`s Deakin University.

If the Sultan wants to join the democratic election, he should follow the procedures, the minister said, referring to the Bill on Yogyakarta Special Status, which has become a controversy lately because the people of Yogyakarta insist on the rights of their Sultan to claim the gubernatorial position.

However, Minister Gamawan Fauzi believed that the automatic appointment of Yogyakarta`s Sultan to become a governor would create a problem if the Sultan is too old or too young.

The minister said that the Law No.12/2007 also ruled a number of criteria regarding education, age and some other things for Yogyakarta`s Sultan.

Fauzi also argued that if the Sultan maintains his claim to the gubernatorial position, the Yogyakarta people would lose a chance to become a governor of Yogyakarta.
"In fact the Yogya people also have a right to become governor," the home affairs minister said.

He said although the Yogyakarta Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) has decided to maintain the automatic appointment of the Sultan to become governor, the central government would go ahead with its direct election concept.

"Just wait for the decision to be taken by the Parliament, whether they will pass the Bill or not," the home affairs minister said.

Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X has asked his people to cool down amid the ongoing polemics about the region`s special status and governorship.