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Whirlwind Damages Hundreds of Buildings in Sumenep

13th January 2011 | 16 Views
Sumenep, East Java (ANTARA News) - A whirlwind lasting for two days from Tuesday to Wednesday have damaged at least 104 buildings in Sumenep district, Madura, East Java.

Sumenep social services spokesman Arif Santoso said here on Thursday that based on an official report, the whirlwind had damaged more than a hundred houses and buildings at a number of villages in eight sub-districts.

"According to the report that we have received, at least 104 buildings have been destroyed in eight sub-districts but the number will probably increase," Arif said.

He added that the destroyed buildings included local people houses, schools and a number of cow stalls.

"Besides obtaining official report from village heads, we also go to the field to get first hand information and to take data about the disaster," Arif said.

He said that according to an official data from Sumenep social services office, the strong wind swept through four villages in Kalianget subdistrict, one village in Talango subdistrict, two villages in Rubaru subdistrict, five villages in Ambunten subdistrict, three villages in Lenteng subdistrict, four villages in Ganding subdistrict, one village in Guluk-Guluk subdistrict, and one village in Batu Putih subdistrict.

"According to the report that we have received, there was no fatality in the strong wind disaster," he said.