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Internet service to reach all sub-districts in June

22nd May 2011 | 3.617 Views
Solo, Central Java (ANTARA News) - All sub-districts in Indonesia will be able to access the internet service by June this year, Informatics and Communication Minister Tifatul Sembiring said here on Saturday.

In connection with it he called on the people to be able to use it positively.

He made the statement after opening the Blogging and Animation Competition in the National Information Festival here that day.

He said the internet connections would benefit the people. "32,800 villages have been connected with internet service," he said.

He said the internet connections in various regions would give people an opportunity to develop their information technological skills without time and space constraints.

He said efforts had also been made to prepare the information and communication infrastructure in various regions in the country such as Palapa Ring for the Indonesian eastern region.

He said 27 provinces in the country had been covered by Broadband 3G. Efforts are still being made to cover five others, he said.

The minister meanwhile admitted that it was not easy to block sites containing provocative and smearing messages as well as pornography.

"There are around four billion sites in the internet service in the world. It is impossible to scrutinize them one by one," he said.

In view of that he called on the people to participate in the government efforts to prevent them by reporting to the government in case they find problematic sites.

"We will be ready to follow up the reports although his office is also conducting its own checking," he said.

He said if the sites were in Indonesia it would be easier to overcome them but if they are from abroad their handling would face limitations.

As an example he referred to the case of "wordpress" blog which is difficult to block because Indonesia does not have contacts with the owner of the site.

"What we can only do is sending a letter to the owner to ask them to shut it," he said.