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Foreign envoys invited to Lake Kerinci Festival

10th June 2011 | 1.948 Views
Foreign envoys invited to Lake Kerinci Festival
Danau Kerinci (
Jambi, Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The ambassadors of Singapore and Malaysia to Indonesia have been invited to attend the Lake Kerinci Festival which is to be held on July 6-11, 2011.

"The Lake Kerinci Festival is held annually," Arlis Harun, the head of Kerinci district`s youth and sport office, said here Friday.

"The festival is aimed at attracting domestic as well as foreign tourists to the westernmost district of Jambi which has beautiful nature panorama and is rich in culture," he said.

The two neighboring countries` ambassadors and several cabinet ministers are expected to attend the opening of the festival.

This year, the festival will not only feature arts and culture of Kerinci District but also several other districts in Jambi Province.

Various handicrafts and household industrial products will also be displayed in the event.

The festival will be centered near Lake Kerinci at Pulau Tengah island.

Among tourist attractions in Jambi are Telun Berasap waterfall, hot spring, and Aroma Peko Kayu Aro park.

A culinary competition among others offering lake fish dishes is expected to highlight the Lake Kerinci festival.

The festival will be more attractively held by the community of Lake Kerinci (FMPDK) compared with that of the last year, Arlis Harun earlier.

In addition, the festival`s organizing committee will also conduct three unique events different from the previous year`s, namely blowing straw stem whistles, floating party in the middle of the lake, and a buffalo-parade of pulling the non-wheel carts, he said.

The three unique events will be held for the first time this year, he noted. The festival which will take place along with the long school holidays is expected to lure many domestic and foreign visitors. Other competitions will include fishing and fish grilling, the festival organizing committee said.