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PAN shocked party cadre Wa Ode named corruption suspect

10th December 2011 | 2.200 Views
PAN shocked party cadre Wa Ode named corruption suspect
Wa Ode Nurhayati.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A National Mandate Party (PAN) executive said he was shocked to hear that a party cadre in the House of Representatives (DPR), Wa Ode Nurhayati, had been named a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission.

"Seriously, I was shocked to hear that. If it is true Wa Ode has been named suspect, I will question the implementation of justice in the country," PAN Deputy Secretary General Teguh Juwarno said here on Saturday.

He said Wa Ode was the person who had uncovered alleged conspiracies to manipulate State Budget appropriations for financial gain. She had the courage to report it and so she should have even been protected and not been victimized, he said.

Teguh who is also a member of DPR`s Commission I asked for what case Wa Ode had been banned to travel abroad and now named a suspect.

"It is not clear and no explanation has been given by the KPK yet," he said.

He said PAN feared the judicial process in Wa Ode`s case was not just as it was not clear in what case Wa Oda was involved.

Teguh asked the KPK to immediately give an explanation on the matter. "This will be a bad precedent unless an explanation is given and a bad gift on the occasion of Anti-corruption Day. This will also be a bad legacy of the current KPK leadership," he said.

He said he suspected Wa Oda`s naming as a suspect was politically motivated.

KPK named Wa Ode a suspect on Friday evening in connection with an alleged corruption of funds for regional infrastructure development acceleration.

With regard to Wa Ode`s case, PAN general chairman Hatta Rajasa meanwhile had called for the just enforcement of the law.

But he would not comment much on the issue saying only that "the law must be enforced" when replying to newsmen over the issue after opening a party national meeting here on Friday evening.