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BMKG : sea waves in Bengkulu four meters high

16th January 2012 | 2.402 Views
Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - The Bengkulu Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predicted that the sea in Bengkulu waters in the next 12 hours may reach four meters high, posing a serious threat to fishermen and their boats.

The four meters high waves may occur in Enggano waters, while the waves in West Bengkulu reached 3.5 meters high, a BMKG analist of the Bengkulu Fatmawati Soekarno Meterology Agency Rosydidah said Sunday.

She said the waves in Bengkulu in the last three days had reached a height of 3.5 to four meters, as the winds in the area had been blowing at an average of more than 20 knots.

The winds in the Bengkulu waters may blow from the west to north east at a speed of 5-22 knots, while the winds in Enggano waters from the west to the north with a speed of 8-25 knots.

The winds in the West Indian Ocean in Bengkulu is blowing from the west to north west with a speed of 10-25 knots, and mild rain may also fall in the area.

The weather satellite shows that thick clouds and rain occurred in the norther part of Sumatra, west to south, Bengkulu, Lampung and the West Indian Ocean to the south of Java island.

The wind in Bengkulu normally blows from the west to the north east with a speed of 8 - 40 kilometers per hour, or 5 - 22 knots.

The weather in Bengkulu is normally cloudy and rainy in the morning, afternoon and night, with the temperature ranging from 23-30 degrees Celsius, and humidity from 68-98 pct, he said.(*)