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Floods in Pasuruan hit seven sub-districts

Sabtu, 4 Februari 2012 02:52 WIB | 1.529 Views
Pasuruan, (ANTARA News) - Heavy rain in Pasuruan has caused floods in six sub-districts in the regency and in one area in Pasuruan City, East Java, Friday night.

The six sub-districts are Bangil, Beji, Rembang, Grati, Rejoso, and Winongan, and a sub-disrist in Pasuruan city is Bugulkidul. The floods which inundated Pasuruan including Blandongan.

The widest flooded areas is Bangil covering Kalirejo, Kalianyar, Tambaan, Kiduldalem, Latek, and Manaruwi villages.

The floods in Rembang covered the villages of Pekoren, Oro-oro, and Ombo Kulon. In Beji the floods covered Kedungringin and Kedungboto villages. In Grati the floods hit Kedawungkulon, Kedawungwetan, and Ngopak villages, and the floods also hit a number of other villages in Winongan and Rejoso.

Agung Arditigo, villager of Ngopak said Friday night that the floods which hit Kedawungkulon village have reached the height of the thigh of a grown up. But the floods did not hit the road, but its height continued to increase.(*)