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Perpetrators in Papua shooting incidents must be found: Chief minister

8th February 2012 | 1.482 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Chief security minister Djoko Suyanto said the perpetrators of shooting incidents in Papua, including the latest one that led to the death of a police officer, must be searched for and arrested.

"They must be sought and apprehended," he said when met for his comment on the incident at the presidential palace here on Wednesday.

He noted that security disruptions continue to occur in Papua, resulting in deaths among civilians and security personnel.

He added that finding and arresting the perpetrators was not an easy job due to geographical conditions in the region.

"I was once assigned there for two years. It is indeed a difficult job. The jungles are dense," he said.

Djoko said he could not confirm who the group was behind the latest incident. "What is important is that people must not hastily conclude that the military (TNI) or police violate human rights

when they try to arrest them or when a fight occurs that claims victims due to their defiance," he said.

A member of the Mobile Brigade of Detachment B of the Papua Regional Command, First Brigadier Ronald Sopamena, was killed following a shooting with unknown gunmen in Kali Kopi, Nayaro, Mimika, on Tuesday, Feb 7.

Police members from Mimika, assisted by security task force units from PT Freeport, Indonesia, conducted an investigation at the scene following the shooting. (*)