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BNP2TKI employees sign integrity pact

21st February 2012 | 3.248 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - All personnel of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Placement and Protection National Agency (BNP2TKI) have a commitment to sign an integrity pact is a follow up of Presidential Instruction No 17 of 2011 on Corruption Prevention and Eradication 2012.

An electronic letter of the BNP2TKI received in Jakarta Monday said that the signing will be carried out on Tuesday (Feb 21) symbolically by Chief Secretary Edy Sudibyo on behalf of echelon 1 officials, BNP2TKI Government Placement Service Director Saragih representing echelon II officials, head of BP3TKI, Jakarta chapter, Delta, and Trianja Mulyanto representing echelon IV.

Head of BNP2TKI Moh Jumhur Hidayat will witness the signing along with officials of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and officials of the State Apparatuses Application and Bureaucratic Reform Ministry.

Jumhur said all civil servants (PNS) in the government are obliged to sign and carry out the integrity pact to secure good government and clean governance, and prevent collusion practices, corruption, and nepotism (KKN) which only cause damage to the state.

"The integrity pact is expected to boost the performance of BNP2TKI employees to become more transparent, accountable, and efficient, as well as demand responsibility in meeting public expectations, especially those of TKIs, so that the TKIs carried out their services optimally and participative meeting the expectations of the general public," Jumhur said.

He also said serving the interest of TKIs and their families must be in full because the members of the heroes division are packed with problems both in their placement since their arrival from Indonesia, and in relation to their protection abroad.

"BNP2TKI needs to be constantly sensitive to the problems facing TKIs and it can be done only if their employees have a noble commitment to dedicate their tasks to the TKIs," he said.

In rhe meantime, chief secretary of BNP2TKI Edy Sudibyo said the integrity pact is a document of statements and promises to oneself especially the civil servants on their commitment in carrying out their tasks, functions, authority and responsibility.

Presidential Instruction No 17 of 2011 dated December 19, 2011 underlined that the integrity pact must be signed not later than in March 2012.

In the meantime, Regulation of the Minister of Utilization of State Apparatuses and Bureaucratic Reform No 49 of 2011 on general guidelines of the integrity pact within ministries, institutions and regional administrations said that the integrity pact is obligatory to the leaders of ministries and institutions, regional administrations, and all the relevant civil servants. (*)