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Indonesia must imitate Australia over Greenpeace

18th March 2012 | 2.603 Views
Indonesia must imitate Australia over Greenpeace
Viva Yoga Mauladi. (ANTARA/Ujang Zaelani)
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - It is time now for Indonesia to follow Australia in dealing with negative campaign by Greenpeace, a National Mandate Party (PAN) legislator said.

"The government must take a firm action like the Australian government to fight against any kind of negative campaign by Greenpeace in the field of economy," Viva Yoga Mauladi, the deputy chairman the PAN faction in the House of Representatives said here on Sunday.

Viva said a lot of countries had already rejected Greenpeace such as China and Canada. He said the Indonesian government has already taken a firm stand and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has also given a strong warning against the foreign non-governmental organization.

He said the Greepeace campaign in Indonesia had been suspicious and dictating the government.

Therefore, he said, many quarters had considered the Netherlands-based organization a foreign proxy deliberately being infiltrated into the country unde the pretext of a green mission.

"In the current global competition it is not impossible that its presence is intended for making the Indonesian economy collapse," he said. Moreover the environment data released by Greenpeace are often inaccurate as they are not based on research results," he said.

The Australian finance minister Wayne Swan as reported by the The Australian newspaper has vowed to fight anti-coal campaigners mobilized by Greenpeace with all his might like he did when he fought anti-mining activists before.

He said the actions of the activists were illogical and irresponsible. Swan had been disturbed by the report (March 6) that says the activists needed US$6 million to be used to harass and cancle coal and infrastructure projects.

"That is irresponsible. Coal industry is an important part of the national economy and also one of the energy sources including for meeting the world economic needs," Swan said.

Earlier Australian trade minister Craig Emerson had also been reported as warning the Greenpeace to stop its activities.

He said the Greenpeace`s demand is very illogical because if the coal mining is stopped it would create massive hunger.

Seeing the Greenpeace`s black campaign activities Viva Yoga said he would not undermine allegations that Greenpeace had been involved in economic terrorism comouflaged in its green agenda.

The suspicion becomes stronger as Greenpeace has always rejected to compare its data with the data of the government.

"As they are not objective we (the House Commission V that deals with agriculture, plantations and forestry) have never used the Greenpeace data to solve forestry problems," he said.

Greenpeace has so far been accused of conducting black campaign against Indonesia with its criticism towards oil palm plantations in the country that they consider not environment friendly. As a result the US and Europe have rejected Indonesia`s crude palm oil.

Greenpeace has also accused an Indonesian pulp and paper company of using ramin wood as a raw material. (T.F006/H-YH/B003)