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Jakarta governor elections expected to proceed to two rounds

20th March 2012 | 1.763 Views
Depok, W Java (ANTARA News) - Political observer Andrinof Chaniago has predicted that the Jakarta Regional Head elections will proceed in two rounds.

"Seeing (the popularity of) the governor candidate pairs, the race in the elections will be so tight that none of the pairs will win in a single round," Andrinof of the University of Indonesia, said here on Tuesday.

He noted that it would be hard for any of the governor candidate pairs to win the race in the first round because they would have to win over 50 percent of the votes.

Andrinof opined that the incumbent pair, Fauzi Bowo - Nachrowi Ramli, had the opportunity to qualify for the second round, and so had the pair of Joko Widodo - Basuki Tjahja Purnama.

The Hidayat Nur Wahid - Didiek J Rachbini pair of the Prosperous Justice Party and National Mandate Party (PKS-PAN) also had the opportunity to qualify for the second round.

The other candidates with a chance to move into the second round are the Alex Noerdin - Nono Sampono pair, but they need to work hard in the first place, he added.

According to Andrinof, the other pairs likely to face difficulties to move into the second round are those of Faisal Basri - Biem Benjamin and Hendardji Supandji - Achmad Riza Patria.

"They have the opportunity, although it`s a small one," Andrinof remarked.*(*)